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Investment Management Services



Algorithmic Trading

Our smart algorithmic trading system trades Cryptocurrencies in the most efficient way. The software is fully developed and already tested successfully with proven results.



Leveraging price differences between different exchanges can generate profits from automated trades.
Our software takes advantage of those differences.
Take an example: The software buys Bitcoin Cash on Bitfinex and sells it on Bittrex when the price at Bittrex is higher than on Bitfinex.


The automation allows to trade more than 100 different currencies, discovering the best opportunities for arbitrage trades at any time.

We are looking at three dimensions at the same time: Time, different exchanges and intercurrency trades.
Our algorithms consider all dimensions when discovering arbitrage opportunities to make them comparable and focus on the best trades.



In our testing period that lasted between December 2017 and January 2018, we generated margins higher than three percent for many Cryptocurrencies.

High frequency trading

We can perform HFT (High frequency trading), leveraging also small gaps between Cryptocurrency prices by performing significant amounts of transactions in a short period of time.

Market Maker

We are able to act as a market maker, providing fixed price levels for Cryptocurrencies.


Portfolio Management

Based on our experience in the Cryptocurrency market, we can manage your Crypto Portfolio to offer you another dimension of diversification – with and within Cryptocurrencies.
Against the expectation of most people, there are hundreds of different Cryptocurrencies and Crypto Assets in the market.

We can not only analyze them with financial methods, but also consider their business value.
We know Crypto Assets, their functionality and business model – this makes our investment decisions much more value-based and successful for our customers.